This is a public Wiki that collects workflows and information to prepare Data for ingesting and archiving in ARCHE.
Any interested participants are welcome to join (please contact )

Data Types

Images (raster)

Formats for archiving:
  • tiff, tif - baseline TIFF v. 6, uncompressed
  • dng (Adobe Digital Negative)
  • png (Portable Network Graphics) - only suitable for graphics, does not support EXIF metadata

More on: Images

Images (vector)

Formats for archiving:
  • svg
  • (dxf, dwg 2010 (AC1024)) (dxf should be preferred over dwg)
  • (pdf/a) (only retains look of image, not layers, elements etc.)

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PDF files

Formats for archiving:
  • pdf/a-1 (a or b)
  • pdf/a-2 (a, b, or u)

More on PDF files

Structured text

Formats for archiving:
  • bib
  • kml 2.2
  • md
  • tex
  • xml
  • --> list will be extended

More on Structured text



Geospatial Data

Formats for archiving:

(more to come)

Metadata in files (e.g. EXIF)

Many file formats support storing metadata in a dedicated header section. This can be enriched or altered.


More on: Editing File Metadata

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