This site is used for management of a number of projects and activities in the context of Digital Humanities in Austria.

Additionally, it is offered as a project management service for project teams from CLARIN and DARIAH community. The system supports federated authentication, i.e. you can login with your CLARIN or DARIAH credentials (or even credentials of your own institution should work), avoiding the need to ask for and manage yet another login. (If the federated login shouldn't work for some reason, we can still fall back to a local account, but we will first try hard to make the federated login work, as it is the preferred way to go.)

If you want to use this service as project management system for your project, please drop an email to , with at least the name of the project and login to the system (via Federated login), so that you appear as a user in the system.
We will create the project for you and assign you as manager of the project so that you can change any further settings (adding description, assigning roles to members etc.). We also stand by for any further issues (especially on customisation of the system).